Sunday, 11 March 2007

Ballads of the Book

Met the Chemical Underground lot again at CCA Ballads of the Book on Friday and chatted to Alun - it was his first performance as 'Lord Cut Glass' which I missed but I heard it was really good. Alun seems very nice. De Rosa played a set too. I really like De Rosa. Their song on the BotB is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard recently. Got a free album, and will meet with Stewart to check out the Tramway - hopefully next week. Sunday 11th March 07. Looks like it's really going to go ahead. Check out to find out more about this most excellent project which has been artily graced by the the certain genius of Alasdair Grey, and the album booklet graphically designed by Mr Aidan Moffat - is there no end to this man's talent?
Met the ex-Arab Strap chaps - I think it's official. Inspiring bunch, but it's official, I do actually create verbal havoc when inserting myself into a social scene. I'm just not used to it. I live in a field beside a river for crying out loud. Am I supposed to know how to expertly schmooze in a party setting?? I hate expressing one liners/chat up lines. I fluff them. I can't tell a joke without getting damn stressed and insane. So my career as a terribly interesting and insightful interviewer has ended before it bit the dawn.
Writing and drawing - I shouldn't unleash myself on the public.

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Jenny Soep said...

Though judging all the errors in the above post, I should give up writing too!