Thursday, 29 March 2007

Throwback - The Parsonage and Michael 'Anguish' - The Valentine Massacre of 10/12/2007, Mono

Well, trying to recall info about these two awesome acts. The heart rending openers by Michael 'Anguish' paved the way for the many legged musical beastie of The Parsonage starting with a great little Ivor Cutler ditty sung A Capella - Rubber Toy. I've never heard a more dark and lovely version of Great Balls of Fire - Mr Lee Lewis would himself have been touched. Their other renditions of songs including Ring of Fire, Please Help me I'm Falling, Our Lips are Sealed were morbidly uplifting with their piece de resistance White Rabbit. Top night, gothic cowboy, eerily beautiful and darkly humouristic. That's Glasgow for you.

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