Wednesday, 18 July 2007

T in the Park

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Yes!! That's what I said - T in the Park my friends, T in the f**king Park!!! With a week to go, and since TBreak loved my stuff but didn't know how to use me, I had almost given up on getting in, but No! I had a storm in my Brain that came up with a cunning plan that worked out not too bad!!
BRILLIANT result and weekend. Scottish Water being the MOST lovely people who sponsored me to draw at the Futures Tent which was an eclectic international bunch of the 'Very Up and Coming'. Have to wonder why there weren't any Scottish bands there though - I think it was a combination of iether they were too famous to play Futures or not famous enough. Will see what Dunstaffnage Music Festival in a couple of weeks can inspire them to get for next year.

After kicking myself for missing Unclejam on the Saturday morning, tho' not so regretful for missing Lost Alone after just listening to their current myspace sounds, I get to bump into Remi Nicole again. While on route from London to the Oxygen festival, knackered and wearing the same clothes she'd gone to sleep in on the overnight train, she still provides her charming observational wit in her catchy songs. I miss her waistcoat and tie - but to be jet setting like she is, perfectly okay to dress festival style.

Kate Nash is next and really lovely, gorgeous, versatile, talented, kooky and only just 20! The crowd come armed with Kate Nash flags and one in particular wishing her a happy birthday which she duly notes and loves - and I duly depict in my pic. Her little green tea pot sits pet-like on her keyboard while she sparkily chats to her adoring fans.

Next it's the wind-up energy of Reverend and the Makers - lovely bunch of people backstage; Mouthy, ranting and 'delightfully up for a dispute' with the crowd when onstage.

Beginning to think I'd leave after the first sounds of Ghosts when I'm pleasantly drawn back in and produce one of my most atmospheric pictures. I see they're going to be supporting Keane in the near future, which makes sense. There's a certain electric epicness in common.

Air Traffic I miss as I go off in search of some festival fodder and to catch a sense of the Saturday atmosphere. Manage to catch a bit of The Skids on the Main Stage, which seems to be an emotionally charged performance. Wish I'd been around to catch them in their hey day, though they certainly still know how to entertain! 'James' are wired and sexy - really enjoy their set. Boogy about instead of drawing. Great to see them getting 'Dancers from the crowd' - gals only - all blokes shown the exit!! How sexist is that??!!
And ultimate gladness - I gleefully exchanged drawing the Enemy for greetin' my little heart out and watching Brian Wilson play his stage. Wow. Gave him a wet drawing - hope it didn't drip on his trousers!
Sunday I check out the Brian Jonestown Massacre, again in the Pet Sounds arena, and I have to say I'm absolutely captivated by the guy playing the tambourine with the BIG sideys and retro hippy outfit. He just looks so arrogantly lackadaisical while keeping perfect timing.

So who impresses me from the Futures stage? Really like the Reverend and the Makers - lovely folk too; The Sounds are bloody sexy - wow the lead singer Maja? A wee sex bomb so she is, and a viperous entertainer - great fun. Shiny Toy Guns were great - female singer also a great performer, without having to wear just her undies and do high kicks like Maja!! The Horrors, really do like their whole show - bloody hilarious. Wonder how many people get nutted by their pineapple on a rope they throw into the hoaching crowd. When they can't get their pineapple back, the crowd chuck a variety of things on stage - a lovely necklace being one of them, which Faris genteelly picks up, graciously thanking the anonymous chucker.

Kate Nash is lovely and kooky, with similar witty observational qualities of teenage curiousness and chatty storytelling style as Remi Nicole, but girly-er.
Plan B is at the opposite end of the spectrum. An attrative angsty teenage? Eminem style English white rapper who I initially think 'Nah, this ain't fo' me' - mostly because I find my normal innattentiveness unable to pick up the stories in it - but find myself attracted like a moth to a flame and really enjoying it. I also produce one of the best pics of the weekend - who'd have thought? Must be the Rythm and Poetry.

Right got to go. Will add more later. Remember, if you're interested in the pics/prints you can email me direct at

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