Saturday, 18 August 2007


What is it with Jose Gonzalez? I've just heard his cover of the song 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack on the Iain Anderson show (who I only recently discovered is Jethro Tull himself!! This radio show is fantastic. I'm pretty rubbish at listening to the radio as I waft my chicken head in true scatt fashion, but boy, Iain knows what he's doing. I've listened to his show infrequently, but every time I come across him again, he blows my tiny mind. The guy's a legend)

Anyway, going back to Jose Gonzalez - I got introduced to the Epic electronic sounds of The Knife by a lovely friend called Kate and became hooked, so when Mr Gonzalez came around with his version of Heartbeat I was rather offensive. Hearing it played at every emotional docu/drama/advert did not aid his plight. But I can't help liking his music wee cretin that he is. Said in the most affectionate terms possible - so listen to his version of Teardrop. If you get to listen again to Iain Anderson's 17th August show do it. Beautiful. Apparently his new album's been getting rave reviews - In our Nature. Better check it out.

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