Monday, 8 October 2007

Maria Soep, World Porridge Making Champion

Amazing. My mum has won the much sought after 'Golden Spurtle' at the World Porridge Making Championships 2007! Not that any of her pals or family think it's anything out of the ordinary!!! She's been in the world wide press since yesterday afternoon and we've had calls/emails and Congrats from Seattle, New Zealand and Australia amongst others!

Here's the drawings of her getting interviewed by STV journalist Kelly Ann, with Paul the 'Rangers supporter' Cameraman dictating shots. Don't think iether of them were keen porridge fans before the shoot, but they were well tucking in to it afterwards (That was about 6 lots of cream and sugared porridge since the shots had to be retaken so many times!!) Catch it this evening on STV news.

So far - that we know of - she's been on the radio for Scotland Today, Steve Wright, BBC Birmingham, BBC Belfast, plus mentioned on radio 2 and 4 - possibly 3 -yesterday and today, she's been in the Independant, the Telegraph, The Herald, The Press & Journal, and a whole host of papers around the world.

It's been pretty damn cool. Forget Paul McCartney to open my exhibition - I'll just get my Mum!!!

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