Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Liz Lochhead's Educating Agnes, and drawing in Buchanan Street with a fat Soya Chai Tea Latte

Oh the sheer extravegance!
Money's tight and here I was eating the most scrummiest blueberry muffin and drinking the biggest chai tea latte in a Goliath Mug, like I had enough money for squandering! I'm such a wannabee. And to do it at the corporate monster of Starbucks, well...I'm a sucker too.

So I drew. Beautiful Glasgow Night. Feels like Summer is coming.

Was drawing Liz Lochhead's show 'Educating Agnes' earlier in the afternoon, without my Mighty Bright, which was a tad Mighty Tricky.
Hope to go tomorrow with more light for drawing. Will see if I have time.

Tomorrow is my 'Get Organised for Triptych Festival' day. Prints to make, Profile's to write, Print Order Forms to write, Picture Titles, Drawing Plan, Transport for framed pictures from house to venue to organise, Buy Hanging Materials, buy new trousers since 2 other pairs are WAY more holier than thou - that's for sure! And a meeting in the morning for Tchai Ovna where I've gone and got myself a 'part time' job. Looking forward to the structure, routine, creative people, music and good tea. Mmmmm! I miss those days in the Tea Houses of Taiwan!

Incidentally, Liz's show looks and sounds great. It's directed by Graham, and the stage design incorporates an expensive MASSIVE print of raw sexual tension by Robin. Go see it. 'Open Up The Gods'!

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