Friday, 23 May 2008

Expo - A Taste of Soep! This Monday 26th May

Official Invite to the Opening of my first wee Glasgow expo -
'A Taste of Soep' 6-9pm Monday 26th May Roastit Bubbly Jocks Restaurant
450 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. Click on the poster to see more details.

(Yes, if you can print this out on an A5 bit of paper you can bring it along to the restaurant to get 20% off your meal. Offer until the end of June and co-incides with the West End Festival.)

Actually, about 16 years ago, I wrote my own imaginary little newspaper for a school project and the cover story was me standing in the moat house 8 years in the future, as a famous popstar, the title being 'A Taste of Soep'. In the 'photo' (a drawing) I had my hair long, in a french pleat and I was 21. I spent a lot of time on that little paper. Even then I was interested in writing, drawing and music. Well there's evidence of something consistant!!

Anyway, I'm getting a big kick out of having this exhibition in the most splendid Roastit Bubbly Jocks restaurant where a lovely friend treated me to dinner there about a month back and I haven't looked back since! It's a small and intimate unassuming wee place, that's cosy, quirky, friendly and contemporary, the food being served beautifully cooked and presented, not slapped on a plate and dumped in front of you! I had pork belly which is apparently one of their trademark dishes - it was divine! Though it's licenced it's also got a BYOB policy with corkage fee, which adds to the relaxed softly lit atmosphere. They also make every effort to get regional ingredients. The sign outside is in tartan ceramic lettering - I love it!

Having my expo there, is definitely an experiment for both of us.

Will people be able to enjoy the pictures from their table in the soft lighting? Will they want to get up and have a look, bumping into peoples chairs and leaning over tables? What will the expressive watercolour sketches do for the restaurant in comparison to the traditional bold oil paintings of before? I feel I should also dictate what music they should play in the background while the exhibition is on, but seeing as how I don't actually own most hard copies of the music I've drawn, this is a bit too tricky so late in the day; this is definitely an area I need to develop. I have good feelings about it tho'.

There are talks of having a dj at the opening night-we'll see what we can manage.

Anyway, beddy time. Still lots to do, and I've also got tea to make in Tchai-Ovna - my sacred Oubliette.

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