Sunday, 22 June 2008

Karen Mathieson, Lobey Dosser day, The Toy Orchestra, Who Stole My Sausage and Rain, Rain, Oh and More Rain

Do you think that title's too long? It pssd it down today, but I still managed to get some drawing done. First I did the 3 showings of Who Stole My Sausage, and got some great pics. Even the last performance where it absolutely apple juiced it down - apparently apple juice is what is used as urine in theatrical stage proppage - or so I was informed when the father figure in the performance drank some of Rorey the Dog's jugful. Yum.

After that I drew some jazz at the Tchai-Ovna 'hidden garden' round the corner from Gibson St. Was a lovely setting, met some great people, from old and new, the jazz was good, and I know the yogi chai is definitely good and most welcome on a pssy day like today.

Managed to catch some bangra at the Glasgow Mela in Kelvingrove Park with the Awaz fm DJ's trying to get a roar from the well dressed, made up crowds of the colourful young asian community, though Mum's and Dad's and other relations seemed a bit too cool to join in the yelling back! Didn't fancy one particular slow-eyed young chap choking back his rotweiler. A few people moved out of his slobbery gaze, sorry that's the dog not the youth's. Both seemed to be keeping a keenish eye on the bright yellow flourescent Bobbies at the sides.

Not many 'white' folks in amongst that lot which was dissappointing. Seemed like good fun though the crowd could have done better giving it laldy at the DJ's.

After that I scooted on up for some tres damp drawings of The Winter's Tale by the Globe. Apparently their set got damaged in 'extreme weather conditions' last night which was a shame, but with the stunning and dramatic backdrop of the Glasgow University, and the gonging of it's bell, what more do you need - well I could've maybe done with a fisherman's brolly/tent and a steaming cup of soya hot chocolate, not that I'm particular or anything.

Also to catch up on the past two days I've been drawing Aleksander Kudajcyk's beautiful though poorly attended performance at the Hunterian gallery. It was a year's anniversary since he'd been discovered working as a janitor at the university, so it was a real shame that not more publicity was done for it. His hands are really quite something, fluid and graceful.

Karen Mathieson - Detail - The Venue, Oran Mor, Glasgow, June 2008

Karen Mathieson - The Venue, Oran Mor, Glasgow, June 2008

I also drew Karen Mathieson for the first time though she's from my local village Taynuilt and her sister in law taught me at primary. She's got an amazing voice and a lovely presence and although it's not the sort of music I'd initially go to listen to, she has inspired me to learn some more old Scottish songs, because people, you can't beat a good ceilidh when it arises.

The Fete De La Musique at Brel was jiving though I only managed to catch 3 different bands, and draw 2. I've forgotten their names but will get them soon.

Then there was the Toy Orchestra at the Kibble. It was fun, and I did have a smile on my face throughout, but found the ending left me somewhat uninspired. The lead chap Raymond? seemed a bit like a clown dressed up in an Indie Boy's outfit, and the general feeling of the 'music' was as someone put it, a 'dark lullaby'. However, I didn't find it well structured, it didn't amount to anything, John Cage was doing things like that with impeccable timing and composure DECADES ago, and was more humble about it. I'm keeping an open mind, but if I had had to pay 8 quid to see this groups' experimenting, I don't think I'd have been too impressed. They should have practiced more.

All in all though, I've found the West End Fest to be full of fantastic little events, and I've been pretty pleased with the drawings I've done too. Prints will be for sale of any pictures you fancy, just email me at Price is 35 poonds, though if you're in the picture, you get a lovely discount.

Night night for now.

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