Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Sauchiehall Crawl, without the Crawl

I had wondered if I would crawl tonight, or rather, madly dash with bags of schtuff banging behind me as I tried to render the essence of each show in 5 minutes after battling through crowds, venues, stairs and distance. Decided I'd just spend some quality time in one place. Plus a pint of San Miguel was a good place to forget what I was missing.

Dissappointed Make Model were not on the list tonight; hope they sort out their issues.

As it was, I stationed myself in Nice and Sleazy's tonight and was glad, ignoring the frustrations of not being able to see the Ads, Galchen and Twilight Sad. But I DID get to see The Phantom Band, who were phenomenal. Well, perhaps that's too strong a word, but it was at a suitably audible volume that all the rythms, clicks, whistles, strums, poignant words and thumps could be felt making their way through your core, especially if you were me and standing right infront of the amps. It was Wawesome! So I told them. Bit dissappointed there weren't more folks, cos there should have been. I also hate gushing so much when I like something. But rather that than uber cool.

Jo Mango was poorly attended more so, but was a sweet injection in the eclectic selection on show.

The night started with the fine voice, screeches, mix of instruments and words from Ross Clark, wholesome songster. A buddy-hollyesque thumper with a raw earthy quality to his songs, fleshed out with stories from close to home. 'Sex is for Losers' is a song whose title I chuckled at, but the crowd obviously hadn't warmed up enough to join in. Aye, there was a few.

(Currently my pictures are drying in the kitchen/office of N&S along with the drawing I did last night of the Average White Band which I was pretty pleased with. However, having them in the kitchen/office gives me a slight collection of sweat on my brow, but what do I do when there's a ladlefull of liquid drying it's residue filled puddles into the paper?
Speaking of puddles, there was this dude outside the Cellar bar/club/room sitting in his own spew which actually looked like it had exited the other end. What was more unfortunate was the guy that was consoling him accidentally overbalanced and plonked his hand right in it. Ergh.)

So anyway, got some great drawing done of the 4 bands including We Were Promised Jet Packs, a fine array of musicians who kept chopping and changing their instruments. I wondered what the point of this was - to show how talented they all are? Or was it incase somone was incapacitated that someone else could fill in cos they knew the part? They didn't really seem like heavy partyers, more like tea drinking odd balls that just liked jerking your chain when you expected them to be playing one instrument only. 'Ha ha We'll show them!' Or maybe they were illustrating that anyone could play their music? However, I did enjoy them. Lots of potential.

So it sounds like it was a top night. Pity I couldn't stay for a partying session, but after dancing my ass off at Soundhaus till we got kicked out in the daylight hours, I was glad I had just enough change for a couple of beers and the bus there and back.

Time for bed said Zebedee.

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