Saturday, 23 August 2008

Scotsman Feature, Hidden Masters, Lewis Irvine and Buying the Paper

Lewis Irvine -

Exciting news - is where you'll find a fabulous little article on your's truly. Graeme Virtue's the man behind the words, with a great photo by Wattie Cheung but that's in the paper version. Very nice of him.

Last night I saw a great band - The Hidden Masters - formerly The Needles - they're playing The Gathering in Oban tonight - will be a most splendid night supported by Washington Irving, a band to watch as they consistently get better and richer in material.

Tonight I'm going to see Lewis Irvine a very bright young chap with a cracked jazz style of singer/storytelling, at the Halt Bar(Woodlands Rd)in Glasgow. Think Devendra Banhart, Daniel Johnson and Louis Armstrong, with a bit of Regina Spektor snap. Infact, best just to come with an open mind.

Hopefully, as well as his guitar and maybe harmonica, he'll be playing his particularly special instrument tonight - a portable/travel organ that folds up into a little carry case. Apparently he got it recently for 25 quid. What a steal! He better watch though, because it is highly desireable...

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