Sunday, 12 April 2009

PodcArt's first big night!

Burning Codes
Well technically they did Oxjam, but this was PodcArt's first proper little music package. (Badges included.)

For those that don't know, PodcArt is a great little initiative and platform for musicans, photographers, and artists that hail from or are playing in this splendid country of ours. (That would be Scotland). A very passionate group of music and art oriented folks volunteer their time and efforts into this project and it's taking off like a human cannonball, so it is, and Hinterland are right behind them too. They have weekly podcasts, online blogs and a lovely looking little website where you can catch it all.
I'd known for a while it was going to be Robyn G Shiels, Yahweh and Burning Codes with special cameo appearance by Emma Curran (beautifully done!) However, me like a proper wally with no concept for time constraints, saw on the podcart website a groovey little piece of artwork naming a whole load of musicians, one who I'd drawn recently - podcArts musician of the week and rightly so, Panda Su! Thus I advertised on Facebook (that digital addiction) that a further four bands would be playing - 'Sure,' I thought, 'maybe they're just playing shorter sets?'
(Apologies to all and sundry who read and rightfully commented on my idiotic notion. %-) .)
Thankfully, they weren't all on last night and I had me some quality time to draw. Results below.

Robyn G Shiels

Robyn G Shiels, again.


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