Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chemikal Underground Gems at Tigerfest: Lord Cut Glass, Angil + The Hiddentracks, De Rosa

Lord Cut Glass, Be Good To Your Wife

Lord Cut Glass, Big Time Teddy

Angil & The Hidden Tracks

Mickael, Angil & The Hiddentracks

A rare show tonight with a beautiful and stunning set by Martin Henry, the main man behind De Rosa, then a zany and inspired performance by the eclectic Angil and The Hiddentracks from France, and headlining, a tender first gig by the lovely Lord Cut Glass - former Delgado's co-frontman with Emma Pollock - who's collaborated with the likes of David Shrigley and Alasdair Gray of whose was one of my favourite tracks on the Ballads of the Book album from 2007. (Funnily enough, the other best track was De Rosa and Michel Faber's collaboration!)

Great night, great venue, sound and lighting. Pity the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline isn't in Glasgow, but then it wouldn't be in such an intimate and pristeen condition. Also very nice to get out of Glasgow - feels like a holiday. Big thanks to Bruce who's great little car took us there. Yes, by magic...

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Angil and the Hiddentracks said...

Hi Jenny!

Would you mind if I used your wonderful drawing as an illustration for our Myspace page?

Mickaƫl (Angil)