Saturday, 29 August 2009

Rough Cut Nation, Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

There is an auction later on today at 2pm for Rough Cut Nation, where the fantastic exhibition of street art has delectably decorated the innards of the Grand Old Madam Portrait Gallery herself. Or his-self. I reckon it's Herself...
Anyhoo, this ground breaking, wall busting, aestheticising, carpet carving manifestation will be dismantled and sectioned into smaller, more manageable buyable bits. Challenging task I should think.

It's been a brilliant and exciting project involving street artists and musicians and is an important and poignant step towards creating the Portrait of the Nation, a contemporary update in all manners of media and public participation.

Here's a little excerpt and link:

'Devised by the National Galleries of Scotland Outreach Team, Rough Cut Nation updates William Hole's historical murals to create a collaborative, multi-media installation that depicts Scottish history and identity through the eyes of contemporary artists.
Instead of merely recreating Hole's murals by inserting contemporary characters, figures and events, we decided to transform the way national life is depicted.'
Rough Cut Nation

Grab your purses and go.

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