Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mobile Phone Drawings

First Ever Mobile Phone Drawing - Tool navigation!
23rd August 2009

2nd Ever Mobile Phone Drawing
Man holding coat in protective case at bus stop.
24th August 2009

3rd Mobile Phone drawing
Women walking past in the rain
27th August 2009

4th Mobile Phone Drawing
After the Mill Birthday, Oran Mor, Glasgow
(View of Oran Mor and Great Western Road at night in the rain)
27th August 2009

5th Mobile Phone Drawing
Older bohemian lady at bus stop
29th August 2009

6th Mobile Phone Drawing
Warm Up Drawing on Bus to Edinburgh to draw the Mill Birthday, Cab Voltaire, Edinburgh
03rd September 2009

7th Mobile Phone Drawing
OK Social Club - first gig drawing!
03rd September 2009

8th Mobile Phone Drawing
The Ads (Now 'Aerials Up')
03rd September 2009

9th Mobile Phone Drawing
Come in Tokyo (Drummer left the band the night of this gig)
03rd September 2009

10th Mobile Phone Drawing
Ziggy, lead singer/guitarist of art collective/experimental music group 'Found'
03rd September 2009

11th Mobile Phone Drawing
Pardesi Heroes warmup drawing/projector tester
9th September 2009

12th Mobile Phone Drawing
Boy with Scotland flagged pool cue case, day Holland beat Scotland 1-0
Before I 'traditionally' drew Okkervil River at the Oran Mor
9th September 2009

13th Mobile Phone Drawing
Waiting for the bus, Argyle St, after 'traditionally' drawing Dumb Instrument and Lewis Irvine
12th September 2009

14th Mobile Phone Drawing
Drawing two old geezers having a chat on the No. 75, around 12.15am after drawing Dumb Instrument and Lewis Irvine (great gig by the way!)
12th September 2009

This is my latest experiment - drawing from life on my snazzy new specifically acquired mobile phone. Bear in mind, all these drawings were done on the touch screen of my phone which is roughly the size of an average business card, with a stylus. You can see my first initial experiments, people at bus stops, on buses, trains and some drawings from the birthday gig at the Mill in Edinburgh with Found(Who will be playing my expo opening on Wednesday 14th October), The Ads(Now 'Aerials Up'), Come in Tokyo (Drummer left the band that night), and OK Social Club(my first ever mobile gig drawing!).

A lot of potential!! Next Monday I'm going to try out drawing and projecting images (from my mobile phone!!) during Eid on the Drive, a huge celebration at the Tramway, Glasgow for the end of Ramadan, a project also tied in with the Pardesi Heroes project I'm working on for Basharat Khan.


Kathryn Mackenzie said...

These are amazing! I can't imagine how you can draw them on something as small as the size of a business card. The old lady at the bus stop is my favourite, somehow you can imagine her character without seeing her face, just from the way she's dressed and her stance.

Laura said...

Hello Jenny!

I was looking for other people that are also drawing on their phone and thanks to google and its magic, I end up on your blog!

Your way to draw and paint is really cool! I like it a lot! And I'm very impressed by the level of details you manage to have with your phone! waw!

If you don't mind, I'd like to chat with you once to know a bit more about your inspirations and the app you use,...

So, if you agree, you can reply to this comment or let a comment on my blog (http://phonedrawing.blogspot.com/)
that would make my day (or even my week) for sure ;-)

[and I hope you will forgive the english mistakes if any]

Jenny Soep said...

Hey Laura!
Hope you're doing very well - I just found your comment and hope I replied at the time! Hope you're still drawing - I like your blog. Best, Jenny S