Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mobile Phone Back in Business

It's quite crippling losing a mobile phone. Especially when one really shouldn't have. ie not in a fit state to be responsible for such a vulnerable piece of communication technology. Roughly translated - was pie-eyed and lost it on a beach in Brighton last early Saturday morning. Lost my phone, my contacts, and all the drawings I'd done on it. What was a particular pain in the butt was that my 'major' expo opening was a few days later, and I couldn't contact anyone at a reasonable pace. My friend's internet was faulty, and I was mid travels and a couple of unrelated 'issues' and the fact it was a weekend meant 'business' was put on ice for a small while. 72 hours roughly. But the internet prevails.

I was mostly bummed by my pictures on the phone. Having met up with a great music photographer and friend who recommended a gig to go to, I'd jumped at the chance and had a happy drawing session. The last evidence of my phone and the resulting drawing is here -

But never fear - there will be more!! I've got my new phone, downloaded the 'paint' programme again - I'm ready to take the world by storm oh yes.

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