Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Unique Portfolios for Weddings

On the odd occasion I draw at weddings, and specifically keep them at a minimum so that I enjoy them more. I've been very lucky to draw at some pretty special weddings, everyone of them different.

I'm currently in the process of looking up different ways to present the drawings. Today I've been looking up hand made paper/card presentation folders and am so far not finding anything I like. As often happens when searching though, I come across very interesting sites and though they might not give me what I'm looking for, they are useful and inspiring in other ways. This website is really nice, showcasing great online portfolios.

Not what I'm looking for, which is a beautiful and handmade folder in which to present the original drawings to the happy couple. Will probably end up making it myself as normal. But otherwise, I thought I'd share the link.

I'll add more links as I find them for Presentation folders/portfolios/binders/cases.

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