Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Marble Valley, Lyons, Adam Stafford, NiceNSleazy

Steve West plays to the audience.

Marble Valley.
Marble Valley (featuring Steve West for all you Pavement fans!) were brilliant. Apparently they only get together every two years, but have been going for nine. Great vibe, energy, sound, antics. They wore the venue well too. It was the first time I'd encountered Adam Stafford(Y'All Is Fantasy Island) and was very pleased. Really liked it and look forward to encountering more. Good choice of support for Marble Valley. It was good to see John B McKenna and Rory 'Wong' though unfortunately I don't think I was in the best place to hear/experience Lyons, so will need to see them again when Fearghas gets back from Mexico and situate myself in a better place in relation to stage/speakers. Or just do what I plan to do and experiment with getting my own set of in ear monitors to hear what the audience should be hearing. Could be the start of something new...(More pics to come)

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