Thursday, 25 February 2010

Field Music, Lucas Renney and some wired entertainment from Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax - ' Songs From the Films Of David Lynch'
Field Music

Field Music were possibly the best music I've witnessed this month, if not this year. Without a doubt, they are exciting, unexpected, tight, professional, witty, engaging, brilliant. Progressive Pop? I don't read reviews much at all, so my critical language is naive at best. I am only able to offer a smattering of vapourous cogitations, that for me it was tightly jangled, assertive wide strums, melodic, epicly intimate, fun, great jazz type drumming, off kilter, delicious, varied tempos, highly skilled, well crafted.

More pics to come later, but I've got to get some prints done. I'm off to Sweden on Sunday, and drawing Florence & The Machine on Tuesday - can't wait!!

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