Monday, 29 March 2010

Quest to find the Best in Live Music Drawing

I'm going to make it my mission now to publish my findings here on my quest to find the best people and technology in drawing to live music. I'm obviously not drawing every single night of the week, but I do continue to work towards what I do. So I might as well show that.

I must investigate more.

Also, last minute find - Michael Arthur, a member of an Indie Band who projects drawings while they play, has got this slideshow of drawings and writings he did live from SXSW and got them published online in Vanity Fair. ' Michael Arthur draws in ink with no pencils and no rough drafts; each drawing is a live reaction to the moment. Michael is also a member of the indie band, Balthrop, Alabama where his drawings are projected live as they happen behind the band, like a live cartoon show.' Pretty cool. Click here - SXSWslideshow

I'm jealous :)

Stop Press!!! Have just found a chap who is amazing. Love his stuff - really beautiful. Doesn't matter what you do people, someone's always two steps ahead!!!

Ah but it's good to have competition. :)

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