Saturday, 24 April 2010

Frost and Fire, Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Sokobauno Puppet Theatre featuring Corpse Baby/Doll

Keith John Adams

Detail of the Corpse Baby/Doll dancing with Keith John Adams

Three Songs from Jenny Reeve

Alasdair Roberts

What a well crafted line-up, what top class artists/musicians/performers, and what a great experience. Unexpected audience participation, a dancing baby doll corpse with an antique silver brush dog, short sets, long sets, darkness, light and laughter, infanticide, St Columbus's Oxter packet - the ultimate cure for depression and a girl called Emma with a dilemma who maybe felt a tremor.

The first night of many in this intimate little venue in The Citizen's Theatre, with The Sokobauno Puppet Theatre, Keith John Adams, Jenny Reeve and Alasdair Roberts it was a line up as eclectically different but as invariably connected as you could get. Good energy in the room, wonderful wordings, and good exchange between audience and artist. Top notch commendations to Howie Reeve from Tattie Toes and multi-experimentalist musician himself for the quality assemblage.

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