Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pavement, Barrowlands

Well tonight was an assortment. In thick humid heat, I sweated and shook from kneeling on wooden boards for an hour and a half as I drew Pavement do their f**king good stuff. For my first time at Barrowlands (yes, this is indeed a shocker of a statement) to be drawing the gig that happened tonight couldn't have been a better baptism.
The crowd were indeed baying for more though. So they better come back soon.

After wanking about in the dressing rooms with the band, spouses and friends, it was about time I went, tho' unfortunately I managed to miss my bus and it was another 40 minutes to wait for a new one. I got a taxi. Seeing my large portfolio and judging by my odd sobrietous nature the driver hazarded a guess that I had just finished work and that I was an artist. I told him 'yes', how astute of him, that I was indeed an artist and specialised in drawing events, in particular music. Tonight I had been drawing Pavement.
He thought I meant I was a sidewalk artist. :)

Drawing postage imminent(now posted), but I have taught a full day at school, visited my Nana in hospital north of Glasgow, and then drawn a gig. I also have Black Heart Procession from Saturday to post (now posted!), while also heading on down to Bristol tomorrow which is 2/3s of the journey to Matt Groening's ATP in Minehead. It's going to be ACE! Stay Tuned!!

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