Tuesday, 15 June 2010


This is a little sketch I did (on my Nokia mobile phone again) of the wonderful show tonight by the P6 classes from Blackfriars (who I've been doing a drawing project with), and St Francis which is just along the road from them.
It never ceases to amaze me in all the many schools I've taught, how every student is different and so full of talent and potential. I get the feeling from Blackfriars that they're really focussed on finding out the potential in every one of their students, celebrating their achievements from getting in the finals of a national competition with their dance troup, to ice skating, running and even doing a bit of gardening.

This particular show dealt with The Gorbals in the past, present and future involving drama, writing, dance, breakdance and a bag load of new found confidence. The Caledonian Club from Caledonia University were behind this inspiring project which was showcased in the beautiful St Andrews on the Square also involving participation from The Gorbalites, a group of 50+ who had a good few things to show the 'kids' but where they seemed to really collaborate with them too.

With great special effects on a large projector screen, top acting, great costumes, and LOTS of scene changes, it was a high class production which really brought the community together, and a lot of proud, inspired parents, family members and teachers. These kids had so much humour, skills and ideas that they brought with them, which were made reality with guidance from students and tutors from the university. The show dealt with bullying, grafitti, litter, and other modern day issues, while also looking at activities and the sense of community in the past and present. The future really got the imaginations going, and all of it was tied together with adverts from the era for Zoom Washing Powder!

Really great to witness it, and really cool to afterwards get a roll and sausage/bacon, tunnocks tea cake and wine or juice to wash it all down. :)

Have an Atomic Day, and just remember, Education Changes Lives!

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