Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Just before Christmas, Wintercycle, Jer Reid, Music and Art

Wintercycle Duo with Jer Reid - Picture 1 - Wacom/Computer Drawing - 10-15 mins

Wintercycle Duo with Jer Reid - Picture 2 - Paper/Watercolour Drawing - 10-15 mins

The above drawings were done with - and to - Jer Reid's beautiful and inspiring simultaneously created 'soundtrack' on Thursday 16th December as part of his Wintercycle collaborations. A cathartic experience, really quite stupendously wonderful feeling afterwards. My own voice unexpectedly became part of the performance as I spoke throughout on my thoughts of Christmas, family, love while latterly discussing the tenuous process of 'drawing the experience' when drawing from the imagery in my head inspired by Jer's music, recall, distractions, loss and gain via head to hand translation as well as unexpected influences. A gentle but powerful process in an intimate and encouraging space. Some very lovely feedback too. Which is nice :)

Wintercycle is a truly wonderful project, bursting with promise, potential and excitement before each 31 highly unique one-off performances. It's only £1 and every session is recorded sonically, and through Jer's own poetic reflections on his site http://wintercycle.wordpress.com/. An absolute gem to be discovered every day. If you could make one, it would be wholly worthwhile and even enlightening. Every day from 5th December until Tuesday 4th January 2011.

Something completely unrelated but just came across this chap Colter Jacobsen's memory work and found it amazing. http://www.sklatch.net/thoughtlets/memory.html

Also, too late now for Christmas, but my friend put me in touch with this blog and it's got some fantastic stuff on it, with great little background's/reviews too. I'm all up for crafts at Christmas. Next time. :) http://wannekes.blogspot.com/

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