Monday, 10 January 2011

Just a Quickie...

So I've been creating various different things in the past week, catching up with 'bizness' and quite excited about a project in particular that myself and sound designer Gav Fort are beginning - the 'findings so far' to be performed at the annual 3 day Sound/Thought festival at the beginning of February, our particular night being the 5th.

It takes place at the inimitable Arches multi-arts venue, and will be audio/visual. That's all I'm saying.

Meanwhile, here's a quick sketch I did on my iPad while the view rushed past from the train to Edinburgh. A beautiful snowy day.

Off to Sweden on Wednesday with a huge suitcase full of books pillows and some stupid old computer that no-one would steal but it sure is heavy! I'm having to take out books and leave them behind. :( But a stint in Sweden is on the cards, and the slow shift of 'stuff' is officially starting.

Just a few more trips to cart this lot over...(cough). Yep, think I'll need to stop being such a squirrel and sell it, donate it, or worse.

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