Friday, 4 February 2011

Born To Be Wide - Music Photography Panel

A great night of banter, advice and anecdotes - couldn't help but be aware of the music photography heavyweights sat relaxed and aware of their legendary status, but it was great to experience the fresher faces of Christine Kernohan's thoughts and beautiful and inspiring imagery as well as hear self taught photographer Alan Dunlop's experiences.

Would have been good to have an iconic photo of each artist projected as they spoke, but since it did take the form of an informal chat I imagine this would have been quite tricky and even distracting. We did predominantly see Mr Cummins photos, incidentally he was also doing book signings this afternoon at Avalanche music store in Edinburgh's Grass Market and promoted the fact he had limited edition Joy Division postcards he was selling. Notes taken.

Inspiring, levelling and I'm sure quite a bit of an eye opener for budding 'live music photography' enthusiasts.

Main conclusions of the night? Perhaps that you're not doing yourself or the photography industry any favours by continually giving away your art, time and skills for free. Also diversifying with personal projects as well as 'bread and butter' work will motivate your creativity, inspiration and survival. Never give away the rights to your photos as you can then make money from your photos eternally - look at it as your pension. Load them onto a photo stock agency and/or speak to someone specialised in licensing. And above all, regardless of infinite all nighters, jostling for space in a press pit, the controlling PR companies/promoters - if you don't enjoy what you do, don't do it.

I might just add a final quote from one of the speakers 'See if they die, you're quids in - Seriously - always work with someone who looks unhealthy'. :)

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