Thursday, 15 September 2011

Marisa Anderson, Bridget Hayden, Norberto Lobo, 'Mother' gig. Fantastic.

The marvellous Marissa Anderson at Etablissemanget, Södra Teatern, Stockholm. Top stuff. Hope she finds her LPs and CDs soon. I fancy myself one. Thoroughly recommend this lady who’s like an old style blues bird, except not quite ancient and wrinkly enough.
Supported by the darkly beautiful and intense Bridget Hayden and the equally intense alternative acoustic guitar playing virtuoso Norberto Lobo from Portugal.Excellent excellent night.
Quality.  Check them ALL out on their expansive European tours.
Etablissemanget, Södra Teatern, Stockholm.
A ‘Mother’ gig.  I had high expectations and I was not disappointed in the least. I would thoroughly recommend checking out their nights, and the main man is a very fine DJ too.
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