Thursday, 20 October 2011

2 weeks in Scotland

Well it's been a whistle stop fortnight tour that went something like this -
Stockholm - Edinburgh - Cupar - Dundee - Cupar - Dundee - Cupar - Glenrothes - Glasgow - Kilchrenan - Glencoe - Kilchrenan - Glasgow - Edinburgh.

I've drawn the Cupar Arts Festival, created Christmas illustrations for the Bright Night International Performance Arts Group, drawings of the secret Sofar/Songs from a Room gig, Photo work for the gorgeous guesthouse newsletter, an iPad drawing of Apparat at last night's gig at the Arches, drawings of the actors' rehearsals and show in Solar Bear's recent production of 'The Courage To Dream', drawings of the musicians mentors/mentees of The Fruit Tree Foundation and well, a few more drawings for friends and family I managed some quality time with. What a fortnight. Loads more drawings to come soon. But now it's 5.30am and I'm 'Getting Up' to catch the 7.50am to Stockholm.

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