Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Today's Inspiration - in Sounds, Visuals and Combos

It's 15.54 and it's dark.  But my afternoon has been significantly warmed by listening to Emma Swift on her show In the Pines - listen here http://ondemand.fbiradio.com/index.php?show=in-the-pines

Having just drawn and experienced the intense and dreamy voice, music and presence of Bill Callahan I was looking up twitter to see what was the current lowdown and found this amazing festival in Brussels happening all this week - http://autumnfalls.toutpartout.be/ - oh boy - it looks Great!

I've also been checking out another blog which has a very nice mix of artwork, listening recommendations, interviews and more.  The artwork is big and bold and the site is easy to navigate, fun and inspiring. I hope I can tweak my own sites to be as simply enjoyable.  Three girls are behind it and they have a few different places online that you can follow and be similarly inspired by.

I really must limit my investigations online.  One inspiring article can branch out to two or more interesting links and it goes on from there.  I was looking up a video this morning on the band Isosceles and it actually had this very theme running through the whole documentary - ie random inspirations leading onto even more inspirations and even collaborations.  The art of random, and being able to follow the chase.  Anyway, check it out on Central Station http://vimeo.com/29034684 and make sure to see the other 2 parts to it.

Central Station is itself worth checking out and is currently going through a major revamp.  If you are an artist of any kind I would thoroughly recommend signing up and boosting your online presence via their suggestions and be in the running to win some promotion and/or cash prizes. See this link for more - http://community.thisiscentralstation.com/_Central-Station-v2-Latest-News/blog/5449958/126249.html

Finally, some audio visual stimulus.  If you're in Glasgow on the 9th of December I would recommend going to see the one night launch of animator, director, audio-visual chap - Konx-om-Pax.
Details here - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=317994184893560 including a good few links to his myspace, website and Vimeo - very much worth a watch. His Hudson Mohawk video did remind me of a video from a while back and which I prefer by inimitable and rather brilliant Rachel Maclean for the awesome Phantom Band which you can see here.  It is EPIC!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH1qxYG78eQ

Meanwhile on the 9th of December in Edinburgh there is a rather special book launch of the Roughcut Nation project from 2009 which was basically the best Scottish street artists taking over and restyling a part of the esteemed National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. It was a fantastic happening, of which the resulting beautiful artwork/installation was divided up and auctioned off after a series of live music sessions involving the great and good in the Scottish music scene.  So now there is a book. And I want one.  (Oh, I suppose I should mention I was actually involved in some live projected drawing work when the marvellous John Knox Sex Club were strutting their stuff there - Magic :).  JKSC will also be there to create music mayhem at the launch.  I would thoroughly recommend the above. It's a free public event but you need to sign up for the free tickets.

Finally, a very inspiring audio-visual project by sound artist John Keston where he manipulates the sound and film merely by touching the screen.

So after that dry load of information, I really should stick up a drawing to break it up. Words and Pictures and all that. Ah, I'll leave it. I've been inside all day. I'm going out for a jog before drawing at a gig tonight. Walrus (SWE) and Mongst (CAN). It's a 'Mother' gig and I'd highly recommend it if you happen to be in Stockholm this evening.
Details - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=263291350388197

I'll stick up some pictures of that.

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