Monday, 30 July 2012

Lynda Radley, 360 Narratives, The Polar Music Prize

Good grief Penfold! Is it really such a long while since I last posted?!! I do apologise. But I'm not going to fill you in just yet.

Suffice to say I've been having a whale of a time in the second phase of the Playwright Studio/Creative Scotland funded project 360 Narratives with the marvellous Playwright Lynda Radley. We've been co-creating and expanding upon an idea about two midwives in a somewhat bleak though hopeful (perhaps) future.  Words and pictures abound, but it's been a hugely fascinating project and great to get the second kick up the Bahookie which feels like it's a good enough shunt to tide me over until October when we'll be working on the third phase.  Ooo, it all sounds so exciting :)  Lynda has left today, leaving me one night of solace before my wonderful other half comes back from his two weeks of fun in the Highlands.

Meanwhile, I've been drawing Paul Simon, R. Stevie Moore and Arrington De Dionyso regards concerts, as well as painting plant shadows, illustrating/painting wild flowers on some designer wooden benches, as well as getting my hands (and self!) proper dirty and learning 'on the job' with a carpenter/joiner/house builder.  (Same smart chap who's designed and made the benches from his own fine Swedish wood that he's put through his own sawmill. Hats off!) We've been renovating a beautiful little gatehouse to a large and beautiful old estate.  I really should put some pictures up, and will do tous de suite!  Suffice to say, I've been having a bit of fun in the last month :)  Roll on the excellent Polar Music Prize next month, and everything in between. Catch up soon!

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