Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Jenny Soep on the Janice Forsyth Radio Show

Well, biting the bullet and getting a blog. Let's see how this goes. Along with the many million that do it every day!

So, being on the Janice Forsyth Show was pretty special. Janice was great, promoting me and my wimpy website mercilessly. Definitely need to improve the site and get rid of the 'Coming Soon' Pages.
During her interview of Camera Obscura - a rather introverted bunch of folk (2 members missing that day) who make some intriguing music - Janice mentioned their great website - it is brilliant and you should check it out Very quirky and fun, clashing nicely with the American Gothic look of the band members. Don't know what all that moody brooding look is all about. Sweet and Arrogant. Perhaps they reckon their faces will crack with a smile.
However check them out on My Space too. Let's Get Out of This Country, I'm ready Lloyd and If Looks Could Kill all very much worth checking out. Original sounds with Tracyanne's identifiable and lovely scottish accent on the lyrics.

Anyway (more about me), not expecting to get talked to - aye, Jenny Soep yer on the radio, how the bloody hell else are the listeners gonnae know what yer up to eh?! - I didn't come prepared with 'sound bites' though I had been given good advice from friends and family that that's what I should have done. So I definitely did not come over as perhaps the most intelligent bean on the pole, but I managed to cling on with a certain confident air that I knew what I was doing, even if no-one else did. You can check out photos of the process and final pictures on the bbc radio website - to catch a swatch of the action.

Cheers to Janice, and another wee step up on my mission to capture the Original Music Scene in Scotland.

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