Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Arab Strap at Cab.Voltaire, Edinburgh, 3rd Last Ever Scottish Gig, 1st December 2006

Like I said. One of the top nights of the Year. Tragi-Comedy by a couple of the Greatest contemporary poet-musicians in Scotland, with their motley crew squished into a medieval hole of a place. Great venue for an atmospheric gig.

However if you weren't there, you wished you were and you want to relive the experience, I've got images that go with the following. Who will buy my wares?

Setting Up - Where We Gonna Put the Amp? (Those on hand contemplate the miniscule size of the Cabaret Volt Stage - Aidan wonders where he's going to pace)
Warm Up - Right Stevie, it's your chance to Shine - (Words of Encouragement from the Big Hairy Scottish Sound Man.)
Warm Up - (Arctic Explorer Coats with Furry Hoods and Nonchalence keep the boys from feeling the Cold.)
De Rosa - A Great Support Band - (Good Wholesome Grimacing and Pissed Off Lyrics.)
Martin, Singer, De Rosa - (Aye.)
Audience Anticipation, Cabaret Voltaire - (Steamy Tin'O Sardinia)
I could never be the man you always wanted - (I sent this pic to a guy in the audience who was there with his girlfriend. I was hoping he'd buy it, but perhaps he thought I'd made the lyrics about him...- he hasn't got back to me.)
I'd break his Fucking Wrists - (Shortly followed by...)
I don't want to hold your hand
Don't know if you'll like it now, but it's fun -
Malcolm - (quote from Aidan before gig - Aye go in and speak to Malcolm - he's the one that looks like a match)
Aidan on Drum Machine - Great Party Trick. Show off.
What a Waste - (One of the favourites)
This is the Very Last Arab Strap Song - (Complete with drawing of very last Saltire t-shirt which I bought and got them all to smudge their autograph on it. That'll teach me to let the musicians use my stupid arty farty pens to sign things)
Clearing the Fuck Off - (After a manic clear up, everyone drinks up, and legs it on over to club Ego, where Aidan is charged a fiver to get into his very own after show party. Tee Hee!)
I'm afraid I was too busy dancing my socks off at said after show party to offer any more pics.

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