Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Wake of Uncle John and Whitelock

Avast ye fans dem GFM critters is become unlocked. The Body is Buried yet the Spirit Soars.

The last ever gig of Uncle John and Whitelock, surely not! Tis True. King Tut's, that Tomb of Vast Happenings in the Music Underworld, the location of such an epic finish to a tragically short lifespan.
It happens.

Fitting Support comes from the clammy numbers of the Heebie Jeebies, and the raw PJ Harvey-esque edge and Dark Blues of Sara and the Snakes, building up the Voodoo feeling to welcome the Witching Hour Chimes and the Coffin Bearers.
Dressed in mourning suits the skeleton crew put the Earthy Jitters in the entranced audience, pulling at their carnal rythms, and boogy desires.
Is this all a bit of Fancy? No sir, that's jest how it is.
Red Spotlights complement the shapes in the Dark, Lighting up the spasmodic rythms and energies of Uncle John, propelled by the spirits into the grappling hands of the Beast, yet still surfs back in one piece to the stage and centre of the Universe, for one night only.

Did you catch him?

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