Friday, 9 February 2007

Mr Hudson and the Library,

'The Bread & Roses EP is a unique insight into the eclectic world of Mr Hudson & The Library. It shows a cross-pollination of hip hop and reggae beats with old fashioned song writing.'

NiceNSleazy's. Great night. Mr Hudson and the Library on tour. Good vibes and talent on the stage, great people, great songs, great suits, ties and hats! Freezing night, but crowd kept in the warmth.
They're playing in Edinburgh tonight at the Cabaret Voltaire. If you're up for shaking a leg and having fun to some beats you couldn't do otherwise with, then I hope you can catch their last gig up here for a wee while.
They will soon be supporting Amy Winehouse along with their talented and sassy support, Remi Nicole.
All in all, great song writing, some humerous observations on life, and great singing. Excellent rappour with the Glasgow audience.

Pictures to follow once I get into the same room as a scanner.

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