Thursday, 3 May 2007

Ballads of the Book - Pictures

What a fantastic day this was! Pity on those who didn't make it into a sell out gig. It really was a feast for all the senses. Great Accoustic, Electric, Readings, DJ's, atmosphere and art?!
Aidan Moffat's poetry and onstage performance is always provocative, darkly humerous and brilliant. He's also a great musician and DJ. And he did the design work for the Ballads album. Is there no end to this man's talent? Think I'll write to him and tell him he's not allowed any more.
Burnt Island, Karine Polwart and Alasdair Roberts performed some stunning music/songs. Foxface were even better than the last time I saw them - D.John is also another man with too much talent. James Yorkston was great with his fellow musicians on stage. I like his gigs but he's a difficult personality to get to know. Emma Pollock was great. Norman Blake sucked - only 2 songs! Didn't give me any time to get right in to what his music is/was - still none the wiser. Missed Sons and Daughters, and King Creosote, but I'm saving up to manufacture another me, so that next time I can indeed be in two places at once!
If anyone wants a visual souvenir/print from £18, mail me at and grab a bargain while I'm cheap enough! Some Originals still left for sale as well if you're lucky enough to get them before they're sold out!
Photos of Expo by Andy Wilson


Jules said...

Hey, glad to see you've got these up now. I left before I could see the final couple of pieces. And I shall be taking your advice and start drawing at gigs again (I'm the girl you told to tell her friends to piss off :) ) Anyway, I think I may get a print. The minute I decide which one to get, I'll let you kmow.


Jenny Soep said...

Hey Jules,
Thanks very much for your comments. I like your blog - Good show! Haven't noticed any artwork on it yet, but haven't looked in depth yet. BTW are you 'Where's the Real Sky'? If that means anything to you, then you didn't get into GSA. So what. The highest achievers get refused first. You'll know what's meant for you in life, and you'll do it too. Ponsey Laurel Resting School Degree or no. But art school can indeed be brilliant - in Glasgow in particular, if you're musical and talented. I'd say there's been more musicians come out of GSA than known artists.
ps My Website is officially live and kicking if you want to check it out -
All the best and catch up with you again in Glasgow sometime I'm sure!
Jenny Soep