Friday, 3 August 2007

Finally, I'm catching Up! Dunstaffnage Music Festival Phase 1

I guess it might have been an idea to only list Saturday's line up for Phase 1, but I've had so many encounters with Technical Constipation, that I'm just banging them up.
Dunstaffnage was a really stunning festival; the local paper The Oban Times, really didn't do it justice. There was GREAT Music, and such a choice - Organic Beats (with unfortunate power cut rendering most bands impotent, but Western Alliance taking full advantage of the only band left still standing to headline!), The Roots, The Open Mic/Stick It On tent, and ultimately the Main Stage - though not all the best acts were featured there. More later.

There were the live mobile bands like Samba Ya Bamba that you must have been a block of stone not to dance to, amazing light projections on giant bits of rock, great stalls - haggis and neeps, the Free From stall, and fresh, oh yes Fresh Oysters.

And then there was the art, and I have to say, on Saturday my animator Garry and I were unstoppable. The combinations of the animated logos before each band (especially when we got the RIGHT band!), plus the animated drawings from last years festival, plus the animated timelapse played right as the Bands were finishing, plus the actual original drawing all contributed to a visual extravaganza.

Pity Sunday was peppered with problems - trust me, MAJOR technical difficulties - Garry went through 5 different laptops (I have no idea where he found them all!!) eventually packing it in in a most dramatic fashion in the evening and calling it a 'day'. We're going to have to work through these minor details...But suffice to say, it was a great dress rehearsal for things to come. Just waiting for the organisers to show me the money...Always get your money up front boys and girls!!!

Suffice to say, Limited Edition Signed prints and originals up for grabs if you're quick enough - or 01866 833207 if you want to place you're order!

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