Sunday, 12 August 2007

T in the Park, Updated.

Well I just wasn't happy with these pics - being squeezed behind a pillar at the side due to the head of security and his 'Health and Safety' issues really affected the fluidity of these pictures, but now finally they look how they should. I've added the logos of the bands in my own style just to add a bit more connection and add something well known to the musicians. There's also quotes spoken or sung by the musicians to add real authenticity to the pictures. They're written around the edges, and I'm just contemplating whether I should edit out the quotes for online use, so that when people buy the originals, they're really getting something special to them and their favourite musician-inspired art work.

Will be back with more on Dunstaffnage. Yes, I take my time, but I'm a perfectionist, what else can I say? One point to make - the Dunstaffnage pictures are probably my best pics yet due to having prime position in front of the main stage.
Just goes to show the people in charge will get their 'money's worth' if they help me out in the positioning department. Knowing my luck, I'll eventually get some sort of tower set up that get's felled by the audience at the first opportunity, with me in it!!!

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