Friday, 17 August 2007

Oban Mike Night

I swear this night is getting bigger and better. Perhaps soon, Oban will be known as the place to be regarding up and coming original musicians? I hope so. A gateway not just to the isles, but to creativity in general. Louis and Stevo should be the proud daddios of this great event which takes place every month at The Waterfront bar in Oban. Last night saw Chunks, The Lemmings, Cameron, Rona and John, Scott Douglas and Mr Matt Goodwin aka '1/2 MT'all the way from the U S of A play some great sets. Twas a most splendid night. It actually really rocked!

My good pal Garry the animator did a great job as VJ, and setting up the Animation/Drawing Time Lapse system with all his super techno/creative know how, and I just sat back, had a large glass of the Red Stuff, and drew my pants off. Well, not quite. But definitely, I don't think wearing a skirt is practical when you've got to insert yourserlf into small spaces near the stage. All quite different, and all with their own voice. I think Cameron, Rona and John perhaps need a little more time with each other, but individually all were sounding good. Rona's definitely a star in waiting!

So here's the pics from the last 3 Open Mike nights that I've drawn. See what you think. It includes pictures from the last two including the Waterfalls, Kim on saxophone, Washington Irving, the ever popular K9 Kev, and I'm sure I've forgotten someone. Ah yes, The Open Plan who I actually drew at the ever busy James Gray's Musicworks Studios.

If you check their myspaces out you can listen to some of their music. Some might need updating with new music, but you'll get a good feel. You can also see the animation that Garry made of my drawings for the Dunstaffnage Music Festival at the following 2 links.

Musicians from Open Mike Night - 16 August 2007

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