Saturday, 22 September 2007

Ardfern Battle of the Bands 8 September 2007

Just updating the old blog with the winners of the ABOTB.
There are still some originals left if you want to get in touch -

Over 18s

Another Misadventure - Cameron 1st

Another Misadventure - John 1st

These two played a bloody good set considering they were missing a vital part of their group - Rona on violin and vocals who was playing at a wedding. Part of their prize was to play at Tarbert Music Festival, though the complete group managed to get a paid slot in the evening and prove their worth. They need to get more material together, but as it was their 2 x 1/2 hour sets were well received and worked well with the passing audiences who only seemed to settle in for 1/2 an hour in each venue. Their final half hour was definitely the best. Tarbert Music Festival had a great vibe which the persistant rain didn't seem to dampen, although I'm sure fine weather would have inspired more people to attend. As it is, the way Tarbert and it's music venues are laid out makes for an excellent Fest.

The Open Plan - Joint First with Another Misadventure, tho' A.M. had one point more from the judges.

Best set yet at ABOTB, tho' I'm sure the front man Kieran is going to strangle himself with his mic one of these days...Good vibe.

The Waterfalls - 3rd

Neil Gillies, The Waterfalls

My favourite set from these guys is still the very first one they played at the Oban open mic night at the beginning of the summer. Ruaraidh has a great voice, and if you're into Oasis then you should give them a listen. Will keep an ear out for developments.

Under 18s

The Anyways - 1st

These chaps were the definite winners by far with the singer's unique voice and delivery - tho' he seems quite shy, he was obviously still in charge. The drummer Ali, 14 years old, is a Ginger Baker in the making, tho' less crazed (perhaps...)
Definitely a band to watch out for.

Jillian - 2nd

Bags of confidence, with some great material - Coffee and Cigarettes - don't know if that's a title or a lyric, but I liked the song. I'm pretty sure she could have gone on for hours if the organiser hadn't reminded her how many she could play. Joni Mitchell-esque.

The Secret Cyclists - 3rd

Young Band from Oban. I'm looking forward to hear their progress.

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