Saturday, 22 September 2007

Oban Open Mic Night 20 Sept 07, The Best Yet

This is the hottest night in Oban, I'm not kidding, the line up get's better everytime.

Here's Matt Goodwin, aka 1/2 MT, who sounds like he's been smoking and drinking and rock and rolling for about 20 years more than his age - at 22 he's an old timer in a young Dude's body, while making sweet music with his accoustic. Only one Oban Mic Night left before he heads off around the world then back to the U.S of A. More's the pity.

Here's Pod, Kim and a random chappie. Kim is tres sexy on the old Sax, and Pod plays like he's been living the Blues a lot longer than Matt, though apparently has only been playing his steel guitar for a couple of years, which I assume is WAY less than Yankee Boy.

Great set by Lana, Jack, Chaz and James. Lana is the most stunning singer to hit Oban just now, and is definitely someone to watch out for.

The Lemmings - More switched on this time; great set again. Check out their

The Lemmings' Lead guitarist Ben played a fantastic LapTapping tune. Has to be seen to be believed. Another valuable musician to watch out for. Unfortunately Chunks were on beforehand playing a too short set which meant that my drawing was not as finished as it could have been. Made use of this though to add a bit of alternative texture in the background of Ben's Picture. See what you think!

So that's that for now. Unfortunately I didn't get to draw the first couple of acts including Claroline/Clarolynn? with her Zen guitar. Another great 'import' from the U.S.A.

So if you want to get a taste of what they're like, guess you'll just have to keep your ear to the ground for the next open mic night - The Waterfront restaurant/bar should be up to date with it's clandestine scheduling...

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