Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Bjork Madness

Oh bugger. I just wiped off my humerous little observations; how to be as factual and witty in this next edition...

Suffice to say Bjork has been irritating me all afternoon - 3 hours to hum, haw and accentuate one of the pics I did of her - the other had mud and red wine oh so artfully placed by random members in the audience. Quite intrigued to see how these tangible souvenirs can be made into assets rather than faults regarding composition.

LCD Soundsytem is a much clearer picture, and I wonder if perhaps trying to draw all the many ingredients to Bjork's performance was necessary. At this moment in time I think it was, as to not have included them would have seemed an injustice to 'drawing the experience'.

As it is I most definitely need to refine my 'festival drawings' approach; Firstly, I might need a bit of cover from any rain. My picture of Modest Mouse was washed away infront of my eyes due to the incessant drizzle (a few looks from bewildered people as to what I was trying to do) - I didn't want my brother to hold a brolly as it would have blocked people's view. I may try to add colour/detail from memory, or just recycle it. Hopefully next year, my fellow animator Garry Whitton and I will be able to strut our stuff in a more sheltered set-up. I have plans people, oh yes, I have plans!!! You can check Garry's animations and time lapse of my drawings here at

Then there was the misplaced judgement of the pre-Bjork act M.I.A in offering free reign to the audience to come up on stage, trampling with complete disregard as to where their clumpy mud encrusted footwear was placed (stationary audience members' headspace, my brushes, canvases!) - twas an onslaught of mooning drunk folk and joyful fame chasers - meanwhile MIA was given the red card by the unprepared security folk!!! I have to say though, it was amusing having a bit of unplanned excitement at Inverary Castle's first 'boutique festival' - though a few disgruntled and dishevelled Bjork fans would probably disagree.

Anyway, time is ticking away while I blether on. Will update soon.

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