Monday, 10 September 2007

The Invasion of the Connect Festival Pics Begins

At last I am fairly pleased with the following pictures especially this one - I got the lasers, the improvised movement, the costumes, the musicians in the back - just wondering whether to accentuate the hanging banners in the back which I've drawn in green felt tip. It's possible they are getting mixed up with the lasers, but it seemed justified at the time, so I might colour in the negative spaces with a contrasting colour. Then again, I may just leave it...
Bjork as Empress!!
Detail of the spectacular.

A different assimilation of scenes - This was the pic that had red wine artfully flung and now is encorporated for ever - I actually put more red in the stains since they just dried in grey.
And the detail...

Wowsers this was a very cool show - quite chuffing stuff to be allowed to draw while everyone else got cleared out the way!!!

By the way, more details!

Very impressed with the magical aounds and entertainment of this lovely 'all girl' group from Brighton. Stunning little songs, full of elements and emotions.
Sad, but apparently not as tragically sad as the QMU gig their official last one in Glasgow,the mother city of contemporary music. Amazing gig, and still tragic. This shows detail of the main singer chap - can you spot him crouched while mid flow during the last ever song of Aereogramme. I really hope these guys continue to follow their music, whether with each other or not.

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