Saturday, 8 September 2007

Emma Pollock, Connect Festival

Emma Pollock, Drawn on Saturday Morning at Connect - invited at the last minute she played well under her alias 'TBC'. A fine Songstress and lovely lady. Always a joy to draw, and always room for more.
Just to say Emma Pollock will be playing in the Pacific Quay along with The Dykeenies, and The Royal We on Monday night hosted by Vic Galloway as a sort of House Warming - sounds like great fun - I think you can get your free tickets by calling the Radio Scotland number which you'll be able to find on their website - that's if they're not gone already!


sadbaby said...

man... your drawings are lovely!

makes such a change from the endless, endless digital SLR shots :)

i saw a photograph of you mid-draw at Connect and had to investigate.


horse said...

i know a couple of pollocks