Thursday, 6 September 2007

The Challenging Pictures from Connect, and the rules behind 'accentuation'.

Modest Mouse washed away in the rain

Echo and the Bunny Men - After Modest Mouse I managed to get a drier seat.

I managed to draw this from side-stage which was pretty cool, but cramped and badly lit - hence muddiness. This picture is in it's raw state and I'm going to have a go accentuating it to how I remember the event. But time is ticking on, and my memory is fading somewhat. Accentuating requires peace and quiet where I'm not disrupted - this is a bit challenging without an actual studio, but that's something to be remedied.

No radio, no answering of telephones, no music apart from that of the band in the picture. Especially no TV. Without these distractions and with functional broadband to listen to music and view photographs to confirm minor details, accentuation of festival pictures will take about 2 days. With distractions, it can take a week. Hence, it's Thursday.
I also want to include the same photo of Echo and the B without my adding 'auto levels' in Photoshop since although the picture is a little darker, the colours are more realistic.

Should add Patrick Wolf, just because I wasn't initially going to see him since it was rather a trek from one side of the festival to the other by myself with all my materials, just to trek back for Aqualung in the Manicured Noise tent, and other acts in Your Sound and Guitars and Other Machines stage. As it was it was a last minute decision, and thankfully, I was quite pleased with the resulting picture even though I only got less than 15 minutes. Patrick seemed to like it too. A lot of the musicians seemed to think I was doing it for free for them, without realising this is how I plan to support myself as an artist. A lot of people like what I do, but pricing it is tricky. I'll reserve talks about pricing for another post. Meanwhile here's Patrick plus detail.

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