Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Severed Head of Comrade Bukhari, Daljinder Singh

Can you see the guy lying on the floor?
So, this is my live illustration from the show - all done during it I might add.
However, I might further 'accentuate' it - it's a bit light don't you think? And for such a deliciously dark humoured show, I think it deserves more.

(This is incidently the play whose rehearsal I had unwittingly clomped in on earlier during the poignant penultimate scene. I checked with the actors and director later - no hard feelings...)

The character Comrade Bukhari plays a good guy who seems a little too grown up to be playing with the mates he's got. I wondered why the writer chose to have them call each other Comrade when there seemed to be no other relevant matter, but I guessed it might have to do with the non-altruistic 'efficiency' of a certain communist country where the word 'Comrade' seems an obviously less friendly way of calling each other 'Brother' or 'Friend'.

It had a certain 'Lord of the Fly's' hits puberty feel to it, with all the angst, tests of heirarchy and helpless sensitivity of adolescent males. Excellent use of the set and their big little friend the Jukebox named 'W' apparently after George Dubblya himself since the voice on it is Texan. However, I found it quite hard to hear any particularly consistant character feature from the machine other than, well, it's inconsistancy and stubborness to be 'efficient'. (Look Jen, do you see that? - you've just figured it out...)

Anyway, enough from me. It's worth a watch. Go see it.

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