Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sixteen, by Rob Drummond, From a Different View

Well, I finally made it to the audience, or rather an extra seat put aside for me since 'Sixteen', due to it's small audience capacity - and rave reviews I'm sure - has been sold out both tonight and last night and apparently looking that way for the rest of the week - get your skates on people as there may be a slim chance you can snag a ticket!

So back to the play - I reiterate what I suggested from last night, only this time from the other side of a crack in a door. I saw that the 3 main characters where sitting on 3 chairs, not a sofa as I had thought; I think it would have been more uncomfortable if there had been a sofa, though it would have blocked the view somewhat of the activities going on behind it.

The play was excellent - slick, well engineered, and well put together. I think I just repeated myself.

Anyway, there were beautiful little phrases that were repeated in different situations that gave them a whole new and more poignant meaning - ' Just 2 drops, three's too much'.

The power struggles and suggestiveness were illustrated through the clothes, mannerisms, posture and intonations of the words; the actors themselves seemed to have experience on their side and you felt yourself getting roped in to their worlds. I've been told that every great story has at least one adrenalin moment, and there were quite a few in this tense, morbid and electrically charged little drama.

Ah how the pride of a man can destroy what he holds dearest. That's all I'm going to say about that.

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