Friday, 11 April 2008

'Dias de las Noches' by Teatr Novogo Frontia

Sinister, Beautiful, Black, Spectral, Tense, Explosive. There's some words to describe my experience of this show.

Dias De Las Noches - Spectral Scene

Dias De Las Noches - Finale

Dias De Las Noches - Characters

Dias De Las Noches - Spectral Scene ii

Dias De Las Noches - 'Mask' and 'Lanky Devil'

Not since watching Roberto Benigni's 'La Vita รจ Bella/Life is Beautiful' have I laughed from the gut with such stress and anticipation of being horrified in the next instant. It wasn't their best show due to only a couple of technical hitches, but otherwise everything - the acting, costumes, use of the stage set - was brilliant. It was an absolute feast of visual delights with the accompanying sounds/music ripping right through you, and I couldn't draw fast enough.

(Just want to note the pratt who got up during the performance - my row of all rows! - and twice I had to shift all my materials and me. He better have had the shits or something equally as pressing...)
The following pictures were done in darkness as I didn't want to take away from the performance with my little 'Mighty Brite' reading light. So pretty much all the scribbles you see were done during, and the colour was added afterwards from memory.
I also just want to add this in - a review I found from 2004:

- Fringe 2004 Reviews (29)
Dias de las Noches Theatr Novogo FrontaAurora Nova @ St Stephens****
Teatr Novogo Fronta of the Czech Republic/Russia brings us into the world of two immigrant actors performing while war rages outside. More than being beautiful and, at times, funny, this is a production intoxicatingly energetic. The five performers, Ales Janak, Irina E. Andreeva, Robert Janc, and Yury Gertsman, work flawlessly together. The music by Vladimir Franz, Viktor Amalev, W.A. Mozart, and Roman Dubinnikov pulls it all together. Exciting and engaging.
Catherine Lamm

And now for something completely different -
Cabaret Act
H.Bomb (Harry Wilson)

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