Saturday, 12 April 2008

Tonight (Saturday) I will mostly be drawing...

The Cabaret Acts - The Creative Martyrs - The Laurel and Hardy of Cello, Banjo, Ukelele/Mandolin with their acerbic observations and a big projected eye hanging over their heads.

Unfortunately, tonight was an odd one, and I didn't notice many people giving this group the attention they should have got. It was a tough crowd tonight, a feeling of being rushed - Whatever monster club night was on meant sets had to shape up and ship off double quick smart - last night (Friday) was much more relaxed and enjoyable, and there was I traipsing around Glasgow trying to catch Gi stuff that frankly I could have happily missed just to see TNF's Dias de las Noches again. Note I have spelt the title wrong a couple of times on the pictures. Yes, I'm a div.

New Art Club - This is Modern - 7.10pm - 1 hour 10 mins

These guys were brutal; but a very enjoyable intense and educational 1 hour and ten minutes, beautiful choreography from two visually unassuming loveable beardy dancy chappies. 'This is a Repeat' actually keeps cropping up in my head, as does 'This is a Canon' just a little later.

Coming from my completely illiterate dance terminology, I just thought it was all very bloody clever, definitely energetic, NEON BLUE! and yup, highly amusing. My laughter was a canon in all the wrong places due to me being a little slow on the uptake - I blame it on the 'drawing live' process. Apparently when Pete and Tom (New Art Club) got the email detailing what I was going to be doing, they reckoned it was going to be, well, sh*t. Apparently Tom was pleasantly surprised when they saw my drawings of the other acts (which are currently being projected after 6.30pm every performance night - Tuesday - Saturday 19th - Free Entry!). Ah wait wee Tom till you see my drawings of you!

Tim Crouch - An Oak Tree - 9pm - 1 hour

I could draw this guy for hours; he's got such a beautiful face and demeanor. During this 'show' I really was aware of the limitations of what I do - it was a pretty intense performance full of nuances which occasionally I missed due to drawing it. This is one performance I would quite happily watch again a few times, seeing as how everytime it's different. As an observer, I felt wary, perturbed, and morbidly intrigued (and Oh my God! Didn't my mobile go off in the middle of the performance! Very nice girl beside me offered to hold my sketchbook while I hunted to find the little f****r.
Still, I think it added to the whole improvised feel of the show...).

However, it was a strange experience this one. Even though I felt Tim Crouch was brilliant as an actor, I didn't engage like I normally do, since during the other shows, there's an element of the actors/performers being aware of what they're about to do, whereas in this one I felt as delayed as the actor getting instructed by Tim. It was a different kind of flow.

Licence Pending - 10.15pm - Um, who knows?!

This was an interesting end to the evening. After being kicked out of the main festival area for the goliath club night brewing up, a lot of bewildered and herded festival goers found themselves in the arena of Licence Pending, a quartet of poetic misfits that apparently habituate Glasgow.

Sitting at the side, I couldn't quite hear everything that was uttered, and I felt the audience engagement was a little lost from the girl in the frilly dress, and the tall chap in the braces. They seemed to rush a bit, compared to the girl dressed up as an old (Cornish?) Sea Captain who was relaxed enough to deliver her pieces successfully. The comedy of her pieces (and her sidekick) certainly helped. I do believe the first two's material was as worthy, but I don't think they allowed the audience to take in what they were doing, and at times it felt like being machine gunned without time to die.

So that's the end of the first week
- what will next week bring??!!

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