Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Today (Tuesday) I drew Maren Strack and Art Raid

MAREN STRACK. LATEX Tuesday 15th - Wednesday 16th 7.30 - 8pm

Fwubbah-wubbah-wubbah-wubbah. Skrrrriiiiiiik-wubbah-Skrrrriiiiiiik-wubba-Ribbubahbuhbah-Ribbubahbuhbah-Skrrrriiiiiiik-wubbah-Skrrrriiiiiiik-wubba-Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeewwww!
Maren Strack has vivid orange hair, bright eyes and chews gum watching the audience come in. With all the to-ing and fro-ing and rubbering about, I'm surprised she doesn't accidently choke on her gum. But she also has a big hefty bright blue old sewing machine attached to a piece of rope attached to her hair, which swings wildly and you wander how that doesn't smack her in the head.

However, it all seems well planned, structured and designed. Minimal entertainment that easily pleases. Highly intriguing, and though not as big a visual impact as her MuddClubSolo would have been, it's a good alternative for the uninitiated and creative minded.

ART RAID Tuesday 15th + Wednesday 16th 8.40pm - 9.40pm

From the shadows I drew and listened to the expectant audience who really didn't believe they were expected to steal all the artwork in this show? But what will people do when you've got a bunch of neanderthal security guards and snobbish curators who suspect you anyway? Have to say, it was fascinating to see people getting edgy, suspicious, and cunning. The dj music lent a certain 'panic/adrenalin rising' kind of an atmosphere. An intriguing exercise. My impressions are that 'stealing' the artwork makes it seem much more fun/special/exciting than the actual artwork itself. But I'm stating the obvious I'm sure.

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