Thursday, 1 May 2008

Blogger's Birthday, Sunny Daze, and loverly Jazz at the Rio Cafe

So it's a Thursday, and it's my birthday. 29. That's a whole year to achieve all my greatest ambitions before I turn 30, and into an 'old maid'. Hah. Last year, I was singing with 'm' band' Bluescaster in the Kilchrenan pub. The year before that, I spent it by myself in Coaster's a pub in Oban. This year, after dropping off my 72 year old cousin at the airport, I moseyed on into the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, hung about the Natural History dept. marvelled at moths, crystals, lucky charms from all over, including Taiwan, plus wierd pickled creatures in the educational bit. Then scooted on outside for a bit of fresh air in the park, drew a bit of cherry blossom - lovely, always around my birthday! - then later spent a wee bit of time with my lovely housemates who'd bought me some 'Toffee n'a' that' b-day cake which we had heated with icecream, bubbly and cherries 'oot the back yard in the sunny'.

Later tonight I drew some terrific jazz musicians at the wonderblous Rio Cafe - a wee melting pot of bubbling creativity. Supoib. Very much liked the pic I did, and so did a few others. Which was nice. Still people think I do this for free 'so you like gonna give them it after you finish it?' 'Well hopefully I'll sell it!' I gotta live somehow!

Still need to refine though.

Ciao for now people. xx

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libra bear said...

HHHEEEEEYYYY!!!! How u doin Jenny. Its been a long time. Loving the drawings. Just wanted to say happy 29th dear. Hope your having a good one!!