Sunday, 11 May 2008

Crystal Castles Kick Ass, Glasgow Arches

What a 'supercool' night! Schmoosing with camp 'NME New Noise' tour that's happening around the UK just now - with only one gig in Scotland that played last night at the most appropriately selected Glasgow Arches.

Not going to say too much. Apart from one of the drawings - the portrait one of Crystal Castles which I feel really captures the energy of the performance and is one of my favourite drawings evah!
Loved their thumping electromagnetic appeal - they blew one of the speakers - and Alice's 'possessed convulsive body wretching'. But apparently 'supercool' is a more appropriate adjective. Their myspace says much,but you really have to see them live to witness the hypnotics.

Also very much enjoyed Friendly Fires - lots of energy and mixing and creativity going on there, oh and great sounds too, although I need to figure out how to hear the music better - stuck at the front between the back of the amps and the stage, with ear plugs, I don't get the cream. Need to work on that.

So, my thoughts - if you're into quirky, frantic and melodic with lyrics you can make out, check out Friendly Fires, but if you're into viperlike electrosnapping voice and breath injected instrumentals with sounds and lighting (or lack of) choreographed with equal importance, then Crystal Castles are a must.

Both bands have got bottomless pits of fire in their bellies - look them up if you don't know them yet.

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